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I am currently going to school for a batchelors in Green and Renewable business practices. Although I have just started school I have read a lot on the subject and hope to open my own business concerning green consulting and maybe even green installation. I have started looking into my own energy use and trying to find ways to save. I also am looking into doing some stuff on my own, and maybe finding ways that I can share with others to make it easier for them to do it on there own.

One of my first experiments I want to do is build my own small scale solar panel array. If anyone has any type of hints for me, that would be much appreciated. I hope that I can use this place to help myelf and others get some projects going.

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Comment by Don Dunklee on March 6, 2011 at 1:11pm
Best of luck with your education.  One business point, people still do not want to "spend" the money for solar/wind, etc.  They will buy a $20,000 boat to catch $30 in fish and see no problem as it is a hobby.  To invest $20,000 in solar you will need to "teach" each of your clients they are investing in their future.  One way is to point out how adding the cost of solar to a mortgage when building a new house with a larger system than they think they can afford, and  using a grid inter tie system, will trade the expense of the system for a power bill and be easier to absorb in the family budget.

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