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Thursday June 7, 2012

Okay, I have tried several things. I can get up to 200', if I am lucky 220', then the clouds come out and it looses it's heat. I have tried boxes, it got up to 220'. But the clouds came out and it didn't sustain it's heat. I tried a bowl, it got up to 140', not hot enough to cook. I tried a fish tank on a black board. It got up to 180', not hot enough to cook. I am trying a cast iron skillet in a cooking bag inside a circle of sun shields out of a car windshield. It has gotten up to 200'…


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solar experment

Solar ovens. I am on a learning journey. I am trying to figure out how to build a solar oven, only I am trying to do it without spending more than $10 on it. I would like to figure out how to do it with stuff I have around the house. In a crisis, you can’t go to lowes and buy a bunch of wood and stuff, you have to work with what you have. I have not been able to sustain a “cooking” temp. yet, but I have gotten it up to 220′ for a few minutes. The sun then went behind a…


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gods work

hi my name is willard everyone calls me willi.i have been living in this country for 20 years as a green christian missionary..i now would like to duild some low cost alternative material solar ovens.i would build these ovens with the poor campesinos for their use.this is one of the ways i can help the cmmplete conservation situation,ecoligical as well as financial.i saw on this net a 360% oven that i liked the looks of and would like to hear from the author.i would like to hear from anyone…


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DIY Green Energy

I am currently going to school for a batchelors in Green and Renewable business practices. Although I have just started school I have read a lot on the subject and hope to open my own business concerning green consulting and maybe even green installation. I have started looking into my own energy use and trying to find ways to save. I also am looking into doing some stuff on my own, and maybe finding ways that I can share with others to make it easier for them to do it on there…


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cloudy days

I built 5, 60w solar panels. Checked voltage before & after mounting on roof. Each produced 18.5v or more. Since i live at 41 degrees N. lat. I mounted them facing due south and at 41 degrees. They only produced about 14v at noon. I played with the angle and found 13 degrees worked best. They've been in service 6 wks now and I've noticed that they charge best from 7:00 to 10:00 am. And here is the wierd thing. On sunny days, they can barely charge 4, 35ah batteries to capacity. But on… Continue

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DIY Solar Network - join us!

The DIY Solar Network is all about sharing ideas and projects relating to "Do It Yourself" solar. Solar projects are fun, relatively simple and very rewarding because the end result produces the benefits of free energy for years.

Enjoy the videos of DIY'ers explaining their projects. Share your experiences. You can add a blog post, create a forum, add videos and photos. The projects can be found organized under "groups", or you can select from the list… Continue

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Solar Panel Installation

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